Project Manager Interview Questions : Part 1

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  • You’ve encountered a delay on an early phase of your project. What actions can you take to counter the delay? Which actions will have the most effect on the result?
  • Describe what you did in a difficult project environment to get the job done on time and on budget.
  • What actions are required for successful executive sponsorship of a project?
  • How did you get your last project?
  • What were your specific responsibilities?
  • What did you like about the project and dislike about the project?
  • What did you learn from the project?
  • Tell me about a time when you ran into any difficult situations. How did you handle them?
  • Tell me about the types of interaction you had with other employees.
  • Tell me of an accomplishment you are particularly proud of and what it entailed.
  • Do you have people from your past consulting services who would provide a professional reference?
  • What other similar consulting or independent contractor services have you rendered?
  • Discuss how you would envision working as an independent contractor or consultant for us.
  • What conflicting responsibilities will you have?
  • What would be your specific goals for this new role as a consultant or independent contractor?
  • What experience do you have that you think will be helpful?This assignment will require a lot of [describe]. Will that be a problem for you?
  • This assignment will require interacting with [describe the types of people]. What experience do you have working with such people?69. What would you like to get from this new assignment?
  • What are two common but major obstacles for a project like this? What would you do in the face of these obstacles to keep your team on schedule?
  • What is project charter? What are the elements in a project charter?
  • Which document will you refere for future decisions?
  • How will you define scope?
  • What is the output of scope definition process?
  • What is quality management?
  • Do you inspect or plan for quality ?
  • What is EVM? how will you use it in managing projects?
  • What is a project? and what is program?
  • What are project selection methods?
  • Which tool would you use to define, manage and control projects?
  • What is risk management and how will you plan risk response?
  • What are outputs of project closure?
  • What are the methods used for project estimation?
  • What methods have you used for estimation?
  • How would you start a project?
  • If you were to deliver a project to a customer, and timely delivery depended upon a sub-supplier, how would you manage the supplier? What contractual agreements would you put in place?
  • In this field (the field you are interviewing for), what are three critically important things you must do well as a project manager in order for the project to succeed?
  • What metrics would you expect to use to determine the on-going success of your project?
  • How are your soft skills? Can you "sell" the project to a team?
  • You have a team member who is not meeting his commitments, what do you do?
  • Companies have historically looked at technical skills, but more and more business managers are realizing that not have "people" skills tend to cripple projects.
  • How many projects you handled in the past? Deadlines met? On time/ within budget? Obstacles you had to overcome?
  • Do you understand milestones, interdependencies? Resource allocation?
  • Do you know what Project Software the new company uses and is there training for it?
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