Project Manager Interview - Roles and Responsibilities

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Roles and Responsibilities of a Project Manager.

Project Manager is a person responsible for managing the project. As such, there are different roles and responsibilities one needs to fulfill as a part of the job.
  1. Accomplish the project goals and objectives within the constraints of the project. He is also responsible for the outcome ie either the success or failure of the project. Hence, he is completely responsible for the project.
  2. Involved in early stages of requirement gathering, creating designs, project planning, controlling and implementation and deployment, and finally monitoring of the project. He is also responsible for managing and directing the assigned project resources to meet project objectives and goals.
  3. Controls and monitors something called "triple constraints" which is nothing but the project scope, time and cost quality which are considered the main parameters in managing and competing project requirements within time and budget.
  4. Responsible for risk identifying, analysis, monitoring activities, and responding to risk. Also responsible for response planning.
  5. Responsible for examining the organizational culture within the company and determine whether project management is recognized as a valid role with accountability and authority for managing the project. 
  6. Collecting different metrics data such as project baseline, actual values for costs, schedule, work in progress, and work which is completed. He is also responsible for reporting on project progress and other project specific information to higher management and other stakeholders.
  7. Responsible to the project stakeholders/business for delivering a project within the scope, schedule, budget, and quality.
  8. Reporting structure of a Project Manager changes depends on the organizations. He may sometimes report to a Functional Manager, to a Delivery Manager or to a Program Manager. In small companies the structure may be completely different and he may directly report to the General Manager or the Chief Executive.

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